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A creatives duo: like cures like for your [webdesign].
Design and Editing of training materials and their Development into online e-learning courses.
A unique space to create courses and organise your educational materials.

OpenEDU Offers:

Free and Premium Access

Access to your account will be always free. However, we also offer an Evolution Account which is our premium service:

This is our starter package, with which you are able to create up to: 3 courses with a maximum of 30 users.

Your Free Account automatically becomes an Evolution Account when you purchase a credit pack to:

  • increase the maximum number of users;
  • increase the number of courses available.

This modular system enables you to extend your capabilities only when required, with no initial investment to activate the account or minimum commitment terms.

Bespoke Content Management

In OpenEDU you can create your courses with our integrated authoring tools (list on the right), or using external learning objects (SCORM or AICC) created with another software of your choice.

Simplified Subscription Management

Course subscription management is available with our platform. You are able to invite users to subscribe by sending an email notification from your account’s control panel. The user will then need to accept your invite.

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Why Choose OpenEDU?

Create and manage your education

With OpenEDU you have a personal and independent space to follow other users courses and create your own.

Do you have innovative ideas? You are in the right place!

Put your best ideas into your course, taking full advantage of the website’s resources.

OpenEDU is start-up friendly

We allow the creation of 3 courses with 30 subscribed users: the ideal kick-start to an experimental training idea…

Moodle is at the heart of OpenEDU

Moodle’s broad use, its continuous development and the active support community form the ideal environment to develop e-learning projects in a future-oriented perspective.

Your project grows with you!

At any moment, you are able to upgrade and take advantage of our additional services.

Accounts and Costs

Custom Solutions

If your needs are different from the standard OpenEDU offer, we also offer a personalised space tailored to your specific needs.
This space can include, but is not limited to:

  • services,
  • scalability,
  • integrations
Please do get in touch to discuss your bespoke order