Environmental Policy

OpenEdu is fully committed to reducing its’ impact on the environment. We support the landmark Paris Agreement of December 2015 to limit global temperature rise to below 2C against pre-industrial levels. We are also committed to the UK Climate Change Act and the Mayor of London’s target to reduce London’s carbon dioxide emissions of 60 per cent (below 1990 levels) by 2025.

1. Key information

OpenEdu Ltd is a company that provides consulting services in e-learning and creates e-learning content compatible with the most common learning management systems and accessible from any browser by any devices: computer and mobiles.

For OpenEdu Environmental sustainability has very much been our agenda;

  • in the way we work; recycle all paper, avoid using plastic, we walk everywhere or use public transport and we encourage the use of sustainable materials in the gallery & office space. – we have hosted a series of exhibitions that raise environmental awareness and are currently exploring ways to collaborate with Extinction Rebellion.
  • educating the next generation; we have repeatedly worked on education with adults and students. We want to, through the arts raise awareness and look for solutions to tackle climate change.

2. Level of environmental ambition

To reduce OpenEdu’s long term impact on the environment by ensuring that we a) use services powered by renewable energy, b) strive towards waste prevention

3. Key environmental commitments

  1. renewable energy
  2. recycling: we will ensure a scrupulous recycling practice
  3. travelling with public transport

4. Other key environmental commitments

Transport by public services or cycling, training staff on environmental issues & communicating our environmental agenda while talking to our clients.

5. Environmental Action Plan

As at the moment OpenEdu has no building premises, our commitment for an Environmental Action Plan, that concerns more the habits and best practices of the single director.

6. Our details

You can contact us by email at info@openedu.co.uk

This policy was updated on January 1, 2020.